Litech provides rock cutting and drilling tools, service and solutions for rock excavating and mining applications, including tunneling, mining, civil engineering, in both surface and underground earthworks etc. 

Litech was build up in 2015, the core team members of this new company have 20-30+ years of working experiences in Sandvik Group, involved in rock tools and crusher products' design, production, quality control, outsourcing, sales and service, products management etc in different countries. These expertises not only know how to design and produce high quality products, but also know how to work closely with worldwide customers to ensure the best possible products performance in various applications and countries. We know how to make reliable high quality products, we also know why lots of Chinese manufacturers could not consistently supply a consistent quality products and how to  address these critical issues for you. We will always try to understand your applications, your current products performance and failure modes, and what is your problems or requirements, so that we can use our experiences and knowledge to select or re-design the best suitable products for you. We are not a pure manufacturer nor a pure outsourcing supplier, but we combine the best possible resources in design, production, quality control, in-house manufacturing and private-label outsourcing, to provide you with the best possible support in the industry, to make your choice easier, to make your life easier.

In today's world, It's not easy to find out a trustable and reliable partner, we are committed to become one of your trustable partners.

We focus on: 
1) Rock drilling and cutting tools 
2) Crushing and Screening Parts and service
3) Wear Resistant Parts and solution
Reliability, Consistency, Trust -- We make differences
We are committed to 
a Win-Win relationship
We focus on 
deeply understanding customers needs and making your life easier
We walk the talk to 
build up the Trust 
with our partners
We value the 
importance of trust and keeping promises.
We focus on 
Deeply understanding customers needs 
and trying our best to make their life easier